Kapakahi Grindz Celebrates Different Cultures Through Hawaiian Food


Honolulu (KHON2) – Local food establishment, Kapakahi Grindz is bringing the delicious delicacies from other cultures through familiar island flavors.

From traveling around the world, owner Chan Berengue has found creative ways to cook food for family, friends and co-workers, prompting her to start a local food business in Hawaii, the goal is to share the cultures of other countries through local food. 

“I’m a a self-taught chef, that has traveled to Tahiti, Guam, Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand which has allowed me to learn cooking techniques that I brought back home and share with my diverse customer base. After all, Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures which is what makes our eating experiences so unique in the islands,” says Chan Berengue, Owner and Chef of Kapakahi Grindz.

The unique flavors and creative recipes at Kapakahi Grindz has received a lot of attention on social media. Berenegue and her wife has also created a following through customer engagement at local food festivals around O’ahu, which has made this local business loved by many. 

Berengue says, “We love our customers. Everyone that we meet, has become apart of the Kapakahi Grindz ‘Ohana. We have a variety of food that people can choose from. From plates, to meal preps, to bentos. We offer it all. Whether it be garlic chicken, or Ahi Tacos. Everything is so ono.”

In an effort to become environmentally friendly, Kapakahi Grindz has partnered up with local farms to purchase local produce, and recycle food waste, something that was important to Berengue when starting Kapakahi Grindz. 

“We purchase produce, meats, and fish from local farmers and fishermen, as well as taking our food waste to local farms to feed their livestock. We are currently in the process of growing some of our own produce using sustainable hydroponic and aquaponic systems,” says Berengue. 

Kapakahi Grindz is available to order online through their official website.




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