Honolulu (KHON2) – Jamba Hawaii is bringing new flavors to their menu, one of which is a Hawaii favorite.

With a lot of positive feedback from its customers, Jamba Hawaii has gained popularity over its early 2021 release of their “Bursting Boba” items, and now they are getting recognized for their newest flavor.

“Earlier this year Jamba Hawaii launched Bursting Boba to help take your smoothies and bowls to the next level. These tiny fruit spheres add a fun burst of fruit flavors to your favorite Jamba items. Now, they’re going a bit more traditional by adding Tapioca Boba to the menu. Tapioca Boba isn’t just for bubble tea anymore, and you can now find it on Jamba Hawaii’s boost menu,” says Jana Soli, Marketing Representative of Jamba Hawaii. 

With its permanent stay to the Jamba Hawaii menu, its entire boba line can be added to smoothies and bowls, allowing customers to choose from three new flavors. A refreshing treat Soli feels will be refreshing to have this summer. 

Soli says, “Just in time for the summer heat, our smoothies are thicker and a bit more flavor intense than a lot of bubble teas, and the tapioca adds some extra chew to the drink. It also helps to make smoothies and bowls a bit more filling without adding a lot of extra calories. Tapioca boba is made from cassava, a root vegetable, with a little bit of brown sugar, making our boba vegetarian and preservative free.”

In addition to celebrating their new campaign, “Boba my Jamba,”  Jamba Hawaii is recognizing 2021 as their year of innovation. 

“Jamba Hawaii is well underway with its ‘year of innovation.’ It started with the addition of orange and strawberry bursting boba to the menu and continues with the tapioca boba. More fun menu items are still to follow this year, and some of those items may even end up on mainland Jamba Juice menus in the future,” says Soli. 

The entire boba menu is now available on all local Jamba Hawaii locations. 

WEBSITE: www.JambaHawaii.com