Celebrate National Farm to School Month with a Kumu ʻUlu Box


The Kumu ‘Ulu box is a unique breadfruit recipe and learning kit designed for keiki age 4+ and fun for the whole family to enjoy together. It was developed in celebration of National Farm to School Month, which is now – October, and to ensure keiki have access to ulu and ulu education this year.  

In past years the co-op has worked with Hawaii Dept of Ed. to promote ulu for National Farm to School Month.  That has changed due to the pandemic.  The DOE has had to shelve its Aina Pono harvest of the month program so far this year, which would have marked the third straight year of spotlighting ulu on cafeterias menus statewide.  And according to Dana Shapiro, it’s very important for the children to eat ulu

“Ulu is one of Hawaiiʻs most historic and important crops. It was first brought to Hawaii over 1,000 years ago by Polynesian voyagers on their sailing canoes, which is why itʻs called a canoe crop and helped sustain the population without any outside inputs – contributing to 100% self-sufficiency. Today, ulu has so much to offer us, which weʻve largely forgotten. A single tree can live for 50-100 years producing an abundance of starchy, nutritious fruits that can be a substitute for potatoes in virtually any recipe! And, because it grows on a tree, ulu is one of the most sustainable staple crops on earth, helping to fight climate change by sequestering carbon and eliminating the need for annual soil tilling. Itʻs critical that our keiki have an opportunity to learn about and form a positive relationship with ulu early on so that they have the tools to help build a more resilient food system and economy for Hawaii in the future. “

And the Kumu ‘Ulu Box is a truly incredible assortment of ulu goodies – including mature and ripe recipe-ready breadfruit and two containers of our dairy-free ulu chocolate mousse – and amazing educational activities, including an easy, basked ulu fries recipe by chef and educator Mark Noguchi, culinary science activity guiding kids to explore the nuances of different ulu maturity stages with their senses, an ulu plant part memory card game, a coloring book moolelo of the Gift of Ku by artist Caren loebel-fried, and much more!

For more information visit, EATBREADFRUIT.COM

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