First Filipino American Woman Comedian Christine Gambito “HappySlip” Brings Stand Up Act to Hawaii


First Filipino American woman comedian Christine Gambito, better known to fans as “HappySlip” has brought her popular stand up show to Hawaii for the first time.

Christine “feels right at home” with local audiences who can relate to her impressions of family including her Mom and Aunties. 

“At a young age, I started to imitate different family members and my mom would request for me to perform these impressions at family gatherings for everyone’s entertainment” explains Christine. “People sitting around after eating at a family potluck, and my mom would come up to me and say “Please Christine, everyone is bored. Can you please imitate me? Come on! Mimic me!” So then family members would put in their requests – imitate Auntie so and so, oh imitate your dad, your cousin, your lola.” 

She got her start writing, performing, and editing her one woman show which started on YouTube in 2006 under “HappySlip”.

There was nothing like that on YouTube at the time so she says, “it was a great way to pioneer in this social media world – this idea of doing everything right from home but potentially having anyone in the world be part of your audience.”

Her observational comedy arises from growing up in a Filipino household but having to face an American world. 

She adds that you don’t have to be Filipino to relate to the content because it really is based on the culture clash that occurs within any immigrant family.

After 100 million views across the internet, she is bringing the comedy back to where it started in the form of stand up comedy, where she says the energy is amazing in a room where whole families are gathered and laughing at similar and shared experiences.

Wondering where “Happy Slip” came from?

Christine’s mom used to remind her to wear a half slip under dresses and skirts

Pronouncing it as “hap eslip”, Christine assumed the term was “happy slip” all through childhood until her friends in school asked if she had a sad slip as well. 

She decided to use this as a screen name not only for the funny childhood memory,  but also based on the hope that people would “slip into happiness” when they watch her videos. 

HappySlip had a successful show at Kennedy Theater and she’ll perform in Maui at the Iao Theater on Sunday, May 26 at 7pm.

She has a special place in her heart for Hawaii.

“I think everyone knows that there are so many Filipinos here in Hawaii, and that makes it like a big extended family for me” says Christine. “The first time we came here in 2011 wasn’t for touristy reasons but to connect with a family that had just lost a loved one to cancer.”

The woman Leti Bise was a HappySlip fan and emailed me before she passed away asking permission to use an original song about heaven at her celebration of life ceremony.

“I was crying reading her email and replied that I was going to come and sing it myself. So I now have lifelong friendships from that trip and that experience. Coming to Hawaii means connecting again with the friends here that may as well be family. The Filipino community here is tight, strong, and just like family – in it together, truly living and sharing life together.”

You can share laughs by seeing HappySlip’s show or checking out her comedy online.

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