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CocoNene started as a footwear company but quickly realized they could be so much more.

Today, CocoNene manufactures their own line of décor and gift items that make perfect presents for friends and family near and far.

Their brand is represented by the Hawaiian nene goose.

Just like the nene goose, they have adapted and evolved over the years to Hawaii’s changing environment.

So, with this spirit of adaption in mind, they created their first CocoNene store in 2018.

“Coco” is a character they came up with. He’s a fun-loving nene goose who goes on adventures all over the Hawaiian islands and loves all things that are “Made in Hawaii” just like him!

Coco is filled with aloha and committed to the island lifestyle, much as they are committed to local manufacturing and to putting aloha into everything they do.

What makes CocoNene unique is their ability to embrace the Hawaii lifestyle and portray it through all of their products.

They collaborate with local artists and designers to create unique gift items that you can’t find anywhere else, that really exemplify all the great things about Hawaii that we love so much.

An example their our Longboard Letters, which are completely customizable and a really fun, cool way to evoke a memory or share a special message.

By focusing on what makes Hawaii unique, they’re able to create an experience for their customers and allow them to send a piece of Hawaii to their friends and family on the mainland.

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