Honolulu (KHON2) – Social media strategist Tahiti Huetter of Aloha Friday Agency is sharing ways to upgrade your personal brand or Self in the selfie age.

“Social media has really made us very self-conscious and concerned with making good impressions.,” explains Tahiti. “Personal branding” is the process of managing and optimizing the way that you are presented to others. In the beginning it really was just about racking up likes and followers. But now it’s an unconscious reflex with a lot of automatic ingrained behaviors and unhealthy behaviors. So “Personal branding” really needs to become about yourself, your privacy and reputation and mental health and overall sense and even your mental health.”

She adds, “It is serious. Our Internet connection is now our most important connection. We live through our screens, but unfortunately, what we share is not always true. With social media and high intensity self-promotion, the line between person and persona, private and public self can become blurred or is even erased completely. It can become very self-destructive. People do fall apart. Their inner self has so compromised that they are really are just little bits and pieces of who they used to be. This is when Personal Branding has gone off the tracks and needs to cease until it can be undertaken in a healthy way.”

Authenticity is key. You have a “real self.”

Steps include control, mindful social media use, and a digital detox when needed.

You can follow Tahiti @tahitihuetter or @alohafridayagency