American Carpet One is known for its wonderful home renovations and carpet.  They’ve expanded service to include Kitchen and Bath renovation complete with appliances, fixtures and installation. 

They can do virtual sales using their website room for application that will show you new flooring and how it will look in your home.  American Carpet One can also bring their showroom to your home with the Shop at Home Service. Now, during the pandemic, they are helping families and businesses stay safe. 

First they’ve upgraded the Heathier Living Installation to Neutralize Pro. Neutralize Pro destroys 99.9% of viruses including Covid-19. Also with the Airdog air sanitizer ACO can sanitize the air during installation keeping customers and employees safe. With advanced filtration technology to eliminate air pollution & kill the viruses up to .0146 microns. (Coronavirus is .1 microns), Airdog has a number of devices that range from 150 sq. ft., that plugs into your car or computer to 1400 sq. ft., perfect for businesses or mulit-family homes. 

For more information on these new devices or to schedule an appointment, visit or visit on social media: