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Watanabe Floral wants to remind everyone to not wait this year.  Valentines Day lands on a Sunday this year and we wanted to know what that meant for all of us, so we spoke to Monty Pereira the General Manager of Sales and Marketing Director.

“We are always closed on Sunday’s and that does include if the 14th falls on a Sunday, so it hurts.  But, we have the best supporters here in Hawaii and they know that and make the adjustments just as they do for Mother’s Day every year!  For flowers shops in general, Sunday is by far the worst day as most want to deliver the flowers to a business rather than a home.”

And Monty said they have some specials.

“We always believe the best way to celebrate occasions with floral is to deliver the flowers early in the week so they can enjoy it for a long period of time!  Also, the product is as fresh as possible earlier in the week so the quality is awesome and the deliveries normally arrive earlier.  You don’t wait until Christmas Day to give your presents, so why wait until Valentine’s Day to give them flowers?  This is why we are doing not one, or two, but THREE days of free delivery on Monday-Wednesday Feb. 8-10 to provide a financial incentive as well!”

Here is a list of things Watanabe Floral wants you to know they are doing this year.

  • With our commitment to safety and social distancing and will be limiting the number of people in our showroom. 
  • Our goal is to set up the building in the most simple configuration so that when our guests arrive, we can get them what they need quickly and get them on their way safely in less than 5 minutes.
  • On Saturday the 13th, we’ll have Drive-Thru pick-up in the back parking lot to help you avoid the lines.
  • For the first time ever, a GRAB & GO area for our most popular item, our 1 Dozen Rose Masterpiece on the Diamond Head Parking Lot of our Showroom!
  • Special Food items that will be available in store only, including our famous Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Hawaiian Paradise Candies and our new Love U 4 Eva Box from A Cake Life.

Give them a call or visit online at http://watanabefloral.com

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