The Parenting Coach: Empty Nesters


Today’s topic is becoming empty nesters as your child is graduating and headed out of the house.  Parent Coach Karen Gibson discusses in detail.

“Surviving the empty nest is like crossing the monkey bars.  You’ve got to let go in order to move on.  Trusting your child’s journey and knowing that it’ll be okay is the key to letting go and not allowing the stress to keep you up at night and worrying constantly about whether your adult child will make poor choices.  Many parents feel pressured to get their child in the right summer program whether it be sports, music, summer camp, or some activity that will keep them busy and stimulated.  There’s nothing wrong with having kids engaged in a summer program.  But, the most important activity a child can benefit from is having fun family time or playing with friends.  Having simple fun creates opportunities to bond, nurture and allow children to engage in communication skills, improves their ability to focus and control their behavior.”

We also wanted to know if she had any tips for empty nesters to improve their marriage.

“Find a balance between “me” time and “we” time.  Start a dialogue BEFORE your child moves out.  Remember the friendship component of your marriage.  Learn to rekindle your romance again by going on dates.  The Empty Nest does not cause divorce, but things drastically change when our children “fly the coop.” We might not have addressed issues that were troublesome to our marriage.  It’s important to make time for deep conversations.”

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