Kids World: DIY Recycled Paper


Honolulu (KHON2) – Kids World segment contributor Nalani Garza showed Living808 how to help keep the earth Green by making recycling paper out of old scrap paper pulp.

For this activity, you will need 2 pieces of screen. A small baking pan, a blender, a hand towel, and old scrap paper or newspaper to recycle.

Your first step you will need to cut your old pieces of paper that you want to recycle, into little square pieces. It takes one bowl to make one sheet of recycled paper. Next you will soak the pieces of paper in water for 10 minutes. You will then pour the bowl and water into the blender and blend it until it turns into a pulp texture. You will grab your baking pan or dish and put one of your screens at the bottom. Pour the pulp into the pan and add a little more water. You will then grab your second screen and place it on top and squeeze the pulp and screens together. When you lift the screens out of the pan you will gently squeeze all the remaining water out.

Carefully squeeze anymore water out in your towel, and then gently take your screens off the new recycled paper. You will put the new paper in a safe place and let it dry overnight. Then it’s finished! You will have new recycled- vintage looking paper that is perfect for calligraphy, love notes, or even for Mother’s Day cards coming up.

“Earth day is coming and it’s so important that we encourage the next generation as well as ourselves to Go Green and practice recycling whenever we can,” says Nalani. “Making recycling paper is a great science lesson. Paper is made out of cellulose fiber which is found in the wood of trees. When we practice recycling, we help preserve very important resources for our earth.”

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