Elevate & Celebrate Halloween with These Home Tips


Honolulu (KHON2) – You can celebrate and elevate Halloween at your home with tips from Brunch with Aloha Owner Malerie Holcomb-Botts.

The brunch loving mom loves to share her best entertaining and event ideas. One of her favorite things to share is boxed cake hacks that help people take ordinary boxed cakes and turn them into special. Overall, she imagines the things she likes to share with guests of her brunch events and she tries to bring them to life for people via the internet.

She suggests a fun activity with your kids. Use small décor pumpkins you have at home (can purchase live ones from supermarkets or pumpkin patches, or use fake ones) and hide them around the house as a Halloween hunt similar to an Easter Egg hunt! At the end, parents can hand out prizes for each pumpkin collected! 

Here’s her recipe for a Candy Filled Pumpkin Cake:

  1.  Using a regular vanilla cake mix and either a large bundt pan or small donut pan you can create this treat too!

  2.  For the cake itself You will need the pans, cake mix, eggs, butter, and milk.

  3.  When mixing your cake mix, I have a few small tips to help enhance the flavor! When following the instructions on the box, add an extra egg, substitute melted butter for the oil and milk for the water!

  4.  If making the large pumpkin you will need 2 boxes of cake mix and will need to bake 2 cakes in the bundt pan and one single cupcake in a cupcake pan.

  5.  One the cakes are baked let them cool completely and start on your frosting!

  6.  For one batch of homemade buttercream frosting all your need is 1 cup of salted butter softened to room temperature, 4 cups of sifted powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 2 teaspoons of milk.

  7.  Mix all the ingredients together in a mixer until smooth! At this point if you would like to make your pumpkins orange just add orange food coloring until your desired color is reached.

  8.  Next up we can assemble! Be sure that your cakes have cooled completed before frosting.

  9.  Frost the center of each half of the cake and place them together. For the larger pumpkin you can also carve out some indentations for a more realistic pumpkin shape and then frost the outside. It can look a bit sloppy because you will clean it up in a bit! Be sure the keep the top of the hole in the center of the cake free of frosting to ensure we can put in our candy surprise!

  10. Place the cake back in the fridge to allow the frosting to firm up.

  11. Now we can pour the candy into the top! You can use any candy you like but I am a big fan of Reese’s pieces because of the coloring!

  12. Next cover up the hole. Use the cupcake and frosting for the large pumpkin and just frosting alone for the smaller pumpkins.

  13. Place them back in the fridge to chill for a bit longer.

  14. Next up is the fine tuning! Using a butter knife and a glass of hot water, smooth over the sides of the pumpkin, reheating the knife periodically. You can also use a chopstick to create deeper lines!

  15. Now the stems! For the larger pumpkin I stole a stem off of a fake pumpkin purchased from the store and stuck it in the top and for the smaller pumpkins I used Twix bars cut into fourths.

  16. Now you can stop here if you are just looking for a fun pumpkin cake! However If you would like to go all and make a jack-o-lantern there are a few options!! For something fancy, cut out the face you would like and fill the holes with crushed up rock candy. For something a little easier you can use black decorating frosting and draw on some simple and silly pumpkin faces that the kids will love!

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Malerie announced a Foodland giveaway being hosted on her Instagram account on Halloween, October 31st.  She will be giving away 5 gift cards at $100 each and will feature a photo of her?? pumpkin cake. 

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