Honolulu (KHON2) – New York Times Author Bardi Toto wrote the book on ‘The Power of Asking’ and Gratitude and the connection between the two.

In her book The Power of Asking, Toto says she helps companies and Individuals ask for what they want and claims Asking is a form of gratitude.

She says that “asking is a form of gratitude. When you ask, you’re allowing someone to give back.”

She believes people have a problem asking depending on culture and how they were raised, saying, “some people think asking is rude.”

She was inspired to write the book ‘Kids for Gratitude’ because she believes we have drifted away from teaching our kids gratitude.

“Gratitude I believe starts in the home,” explains Toto. “I wanted to give Parents, teachers and the world ideas how to help our children become the leaders of tomorrow. Now days kids are very entitled and what we see on the news sometimes doesn’t help. I also discuss bullying and cyberbullying which is an epidemic.”

To teach our children gratitude, she says step one is to “stop complaining.”

“Complaining doesn’t teach our kids gratitude,” adds Toto. “In fact we are role models to our children. It starts in the home. For example checking on a neighbor versus texting, offering to walk your neighbor’s dog, helping someone who is elderly, leaving sticky notes around the house or perhaps in your child’s lunch. It makes the child feel important.”

Kids also model their parents’ behavior so be a good role model: donate clothes. Kids see what you do, they watch.

Toto’s takeaway? Gratitude benefits us because it not just words, it’s an action. Its healthy and makes us better employees, spouses, parents and is overall good.

Bardi Toto is CEO of Disrupt Your Brand, New York Times Author and Branding Expert.

For more information, visit her website, www.barditotomedia.com