Chris Latronic is joined by Tapani Vuori, the General Manager of Maui Ocean Center, to discuss an exciting new special: Explore Maui. Sponsored by the Maui Ocean Center, this exclusive feature is set to air on Thursday, March 30th at 9:30pm on KHON2.

During the segment, Chris and Tapani dive into a variety of topics, including the farm-to-table aspect of Seascape Restaurant. Located within the Maui Ocean Center, Seascape Restaurant boasts a delightful menu created by the talented Chef Henry. Using locally-sourced ingredients, Chef Henry expertly crafts dishes that showcase the unique flavors of the island while prioritizing sustainability.

Furthermore, Tapani and Chris highlight the sea turtle rescue center, a nonprofit initiative supported by the Maui Ocean Center. This vital program rescues endangered sea turtles, providing them with the care they need before releasing them back into the wild. Through their catch and release system, the center aims to protect these magnificent creatures and preserve the delicate marine ecosystem surrounding Maui.

Additionally, the segment delves into the cutting-edge water filtration system employed by the Maui Ocean Center. This advanced technology helps maintain clean water within the facility and contributes to the health of the bay. By prioritizing the well-being of marine life and their environment, the Maui Ocean Center demonstrates its commitment to conservation and sustainability.

Explore Maui is an eye-opening special that offers a unique perspective on the enchanting island of Maui and the incredible work being done by the Maui Ocean Center. Through engaging discussions with Chris Latronic and Tapani Vuori, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable practices, both in dining and marine conservation.

Don’t miss Explore Maui, airing Thursday, March 30th at 9:30pm on KHON2. This captivating Living808 segment will inspire you to embrace eco-friendly practices and appreciate the beauty and wonder of Maui’s marine life. Join Chris Latronic and Tapani Vuori as they reveal the magic behind the scenes at Maui Ocean Center and the impact it has on the island’s natural treasures.

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