Living808 is spending five days exploring Hawaii Island.

A short plane ride to Hilo and our team was off to discover a taste of what makes Hawaii Island so unique.

First on our Living808 List for Hawaii Island week? Volcanoes National Park.

Tannya Joaquin went to the expert for an overview of the dramatic changes, a true walking encyclopedia.

Hawaii Forest & Trail’s President and Founder Rob Pacheco is a naturalist guide covering the history, culture and evolution of the volcano and the ever changing environment.

He took Tannya on the Volcano Unveiled Tour for insights on the cosystems, the changing volcano, flora and fauna and the new growth. 

Rob started Hawaii Forest & Trail with his wife Cindy in 1993, providing visitors to Hawaii Island an opportunity to connect to diverse and unique ecosystems on Hawaii Island,  rivaling any place on earth.

As a naturalist first, Rob sees Hawaii Forest & Trail’s role in the community as three-fold:  to be a leader in environmental education by supporting local conservation-based non-profits, to provide a healthy workplace that encourages personal growth, and to protect Hawaii’s fragile environment through sustainable business practices and policies.

Over the years, Pacheco has built up a handpicked cadre of guides with strong academic backgrounds in biology, geology, Hawaiian history and extensive natural “field” experience. 

It’s not enough for the guides to simply “know things”, they must also have a real passion for Hawaii’s natural world and enthusiasm for sharing it. 

Both Cindy and Rob built Hawaii Forest & Trail with a mission to deliver guests an excellent, safe and fun learning experience, to support island communities and resources through philanthropy, sustainable business practices and a conservation ethic, and to provide a healthy, profitable, and rewarding environment for their company ‘ohana.

They established partnerships with private landowners that have allowed the tours to venture into places with wild and remote native ecosystems that had been previously inaccessible. 

Rob says, “combining a journey to a special or endangered natural setting with fascinating information about the natural and cultural resources of Hawaii, including its biology, geology, history, and Native Hawaiian culture affect people in profoundly positive ways.  We believe that their lives are enriched by their experiences here.”

Hawaii Forest & Trail offers all-inclusive adventures on the Island of Hawaii exploring volcanoes, waterfalls, lava tubes, native forests, farms and summits. 

You can experience tours with small group sizes, unrivaled access to private and restricted land, and highly trained Interpretive Guides who share knowledge and stories of the land. 

They also take care of daypacks, watter bottles, bug repellant, sunscreen, rain gear, and lunch.

This personal experience for guests inspires a deep connection and appreciation for Hawaii.


There’s a world to discover Hawaii Island.

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