This week, we’re celebrating Hawaii Island, the biggest of the island chain. We’re on the westside at Ola Brew, where the drinks are inspired by the land and crafted with pride.

“Variety. That’s something you’ll definitely get here at Ola Brew. We’re going to get to the variety in just a minute. We’re joined now by Naehalani Breeland with Ola Brew, she’s going to talk to us about the company and how it all got started. Thank you for joining us. Very cool spot. Talk a little bit about the mission of Ola Brew,” said Kristine Uyeno.

“Ola Brew actually started out as a non-alcoholic beverage company, Hawaiian Ola, and we started out the whole intention to support Hawaii’s environment and economy by sourcing local ingredients, putting them in value-added goods and putting them on shelves and competing with imported goods. So from our non-alcoholic beverage company Hawaiian Ola, we moved into Ola Brew, as a catalyst to use more local ingredients from farmers here on Hawaii Island and throughout Hawaii. So we now have beers and ciders that use so many local fruits. So for the ciders, we can actually use B grade fruits so those are fruits that would otherwise go to waste, whether they have a blemish on them or they’re a little deformed, but they still taste great,so we can process them and use them in our beverages,” Breeland said.

“Talk about the variety we have here,” Uyeno said.

“So we have a vanilla porter, so in the vanilla kiawe porter, we’re actually using the pods from the kiawe tree, that’s kind of chocolatey and nutty. The vanilla also comes from this island. We have the pale ale. We have the rambutan, which is delicious. The rambutan comes from Hilo. And then we have our lilikoi lime milkshake IPA. And the milkshake tastes really delicious, really full bodied, and the lilikoi comes from South Kona,” Breeland said. “We have a lot of great times here at Ola Brew, one of our favorites is Tuesday night trivia, that’s super fun. Wednesday nights we have a blues barbecue. We have food trucks for the past 17 months, but we’re about to open our own kitchen as well, so we’ll start serving food with the same mission of using local ingredients.”

“Talk more about the tour, and who’s invited and the cost,” Uyeno said.

“Tours are daily at 1:30. It’s $10, we go down to the brewery, check everything out, we have our brewery, our cider, all the productions, we have a canning line as well. We’re canning all of our products downstairs,” Breeland said. “So you get to see the whole process, from start to finish, and you get to come back up and taste the brews you just saw being made.”​​​​​​​

“Alright, Ola Brew, check it out in the old industrial area of Kailua-Kona,” Uyeno said.