Honolulu (KHON2)- Bikeshare Hawaii and Shaka Guide have teamed up with some Pow!Wow! Artists to launch Biki-themed audio tours, available through the Shaka Guide app.

The “Biki Street Art Tour” audio tour on the Shaka Guide app is a self-guided Biki-themed audio tour that runs about 45 minutes through the Kakaako neighborhood where most of the Pow! Wow! murals are located. 

The tour provides some amazing context and back stories on about 15 artists and murals, directly from the artists themselves.

All the context you’re going to get from this tour is really going to make you appreciate the murals more and the significance of how the POW! WOW! festival brings all these artists and ideas together in Hawaii, in Kaka’ako.

The tour is available through the Shaka Guide app. 

The app is free through the end of the year if you use the link or QR code on both our social media pages and at gobiki.org. You can download the app at any time where you have wifi, and start the tour when yoiu find yourself in Kakaako. You just need your smart phone and some head phones, no data is required to listen to the tour. The app provides clear directions on how to find the starting point to the tour and the murals. When you approach a mural on the tour route, a story about it will automatically play in your headphones. 

The tour ends at the POW! WOW! general store that just opened at Lana Lane Studios off of Cooke Street.

The app includes links to each artist’s social media and website where you can learn more about them, check out their other work, follow them, and support their work. 

Website: www.gobiki.org