Excellence in Kupuna Care Award for Local Doctors


A group of Oahu physicians are being recognized with the Excellence in Kupuna Care award for their outstanding service to patients over the age of 65.

Twelve out of 200 Oahu physicians were awarded the top honors for their excellence in keeping patients out of the emergency room, caring for patients with chronic care conditions, establishing superior prevention protocols and ensuring that all their patients received annual exams.

They were presented with fliers and wrist bands to distribute to their patients, and banners and signs for their offices and they were featured in ads in local newspapers.  

MDX Hawai’i created the program as a way to encourage physicians to continue to tackle the health crisis in Hawaii.

“Excellence in Kupuna Care” winners will be on hand at two senior fairs on October 30 and November 1, which are open-to-the-public for patients who are nearing Medicare age and want to learn more about Medicare. 

One of our Excellence in Kupuna Care Winners Dr. Kimberly K. Lund, is a board-certified family physician and the founder of Tradewinds Family Medicine, and she has been honored for providing preventive care to her patients.

Dr. Lund was influential in encouraging her senior patients to get annual breast and colon cancer screenings and flu shots.

Website: https://mdxkupunacareadvantage.com

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