Honolulu (KHON2)- On the Road to the Grammys, it’s down to the wire to get Kimie Miner’s red carpet look ready.

With 24 hours to pull her glam Grammy gown together, Designer Kojo flies over from Maui, with fabric and a sewing machine, to get her gown done.

Add in last minute fittings for custom creations at Maui Divers Jewelry Design Center, while her stylist Crystal Pancipanci packs up a week of Grammy looks for the first time nominee, and you see the real deal hustle it takes to own the Grammy spotlight like a star.

From packing up everything at home to lugging it all to the airport, Living808 was there every step the way.

We caught up with Kimie, Crystal, and their “Momtourage” curbside as they hauled everything, babies in tow, to check in for their flight taking them from Hawaii to Hollywood on Alaska Airlines.

For the busy mom, it’s a glimpse into her world, balancing music and motherhood, and sharing the experiences with her own family, who inspired her first Grammy nominated album, Hawaiian Lullaby.

Website: kimieminer.com

Living808 is headed to Los Angeles to cover the Grammys with Hawaii’s Grammy-nominated artists during. Tannya Joaquin and Mikey Monis will take you behind the scenes of the music industry’s most glamorous awards show. Living808 is on the road with 2-time Grammy winner Kalani Pea, 6-time nominee Amy Hanaialii, and first time nominee Kimie Miner for their celebration in Los Angeles and as they get red carpet ready. Living808’s Road to the Grammy Awards week caps off with an unforgettable performance featuring Amy, Kalani, and Kimie together.  

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