RevoluSun Smart Home partners with HNL Tool Library for DIY workshops

Energy Innovations

RevoluSun Smart Home will be sponsoring a fun hands-on workshop, called “DIY Home Repair,” on Saturday, June 23 with the HNL Tool Library. 

HNL Tool Library is a membership library, like a library for books, but instead of books, you borrow tools.

Most people will buy a tool to do a job or a repair and rarely if ever use it again.

At the tool library, we share the tools as a community.

When you come to the library, our librarians can help you find the right tools for your projects and show you to use them properly before you leave.

The June 23rd workshop will be an introductory class on Do It Yourself Home Repair and Improvements.

We’ll teach students how to patch holes, safely drill holes in walls of different kinds of material, how to check for studs, wires, and pipes. Basic skills that can save you a lot of headache. 

Elia Bruno, founder and director of HNL Tool Library says, “Our goal is if you do a project with us, after one of our workshops, you will have acquired all the skills you need to do that project by yourself.” 

Sign up for the DIY Home Repair class at RevoluSun, then head on over to the HNL Tool Library to sign up for an annual membership.


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