Energy Innovation: Planning Solar Before You Build

Energy Innovations

In the latest edition of Energy Innovation, Revolusun president Dave Gorman and General Contractor Chad Okuhara teamed up for the perfect construction.  As Gorman says, having a partnership like this helps everyone especially the home owner,

“Solar should be thought about from the beginning. The last thing we want to do is come into a brand new build and  have to build solar around what was just built. The benefits you receive when making Solar a part of the build process from the beginning are ten fold.”

And for Okuhara, Gorman and Revolusun help in so many ways,

            “One of the benefits to working with RevoluSun and why we work with so many General Contractors is because we can do all of this, you cut down on delays and timing conflicts when you work with a company that understands so many different sides of a build.”

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