In this edition of Energy Innovation, we are getting tips from Revolusun’s Eric Carlson to the best and easiest process to get solar installed at home.

“Please do not wait until September, because chances are we will be full for 2022 installation. This is because on top of normal first time solar buyers, we have existing solar clients adding to their systems as a result of the two HECO battery incentive programs.  There is a lot that goes into the design, permitting, installation and compliance of your system, in coordination with all the parties you mentioned and those timelines are what they are and there isn’t much you can do about that. And these are important parts of the process that shouldn’t be rushed and we don’t cut corners at any point. With all that being said, there are things that are in the homeowners control and from our 13 years of doing this, the homeowner plays a significant role in the overall time frame of a solar installation. It’s usually the small things that add up.”

And homeowners can help expedite the process with these three tips from Eric.

#1 How are you going to pay for your solar investment? Will it be a HELOC, a solar loan, etc. Nail that down, find out what documentation the lender requires from you to complete that process, prior to your solar consultation or immediately after.  There is some back and forth between you and your lender, that can add weeks to your timeline.

#2 For those that live in HOA’s, know when the board meets and schedule your consultation in advance of that meeting, so we can provide you with the plans for review. So many times, customers have to wait a month, because of when their HOA board meets.

#3 Prioritize your home improvement projects, make solar #1. We all have things we want to do around our home, most of them don’t have the same consequences like losing out on the full value of a tax credit. So, invest in your solar first, do your flooring later.

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