A few years ago, we talked about the drop in the tax credit from 30% to the 26% it is today.  And Eric Carlson from RevoluSun explained its dropping even more.

“We have a scheduled step down of the Federal Tax Credit at the end of the year. It is set to be reduced from a 26% credit down to 22%, that is a lot of money left on the table if people don’t go solar this year.  We just wrapped up the busiest January in the 13 years we have been in business….January is historically slow, 100 leads or sign up for solar, this year we had over 300 people signing up for an installation. Not only because of the tax credit situation, but because of the 2 grid service programs that people are signing up for, in record numbers. So, we are encouraging people to take action now, don’t wait, because this will be a record year for solar in Hawaii.”

To take advantage of the tax credits and for more information call (808) 748-8888 or visit revolusun.com