Energy Innovation: Nervous about your roof holding up?

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It’s December and winter season is here.

Is your roof ready for the gusty and rainy days ahead?

It’s during this time of the year that people start to think about whether they should try and get one more rainy season out of their roofs or if they should just get it done before they have a big problem on their hands.

RevoluSun Roofing provides different roofing options based on what kind of shopper you are. 

In general RevoluSun Roofing comes across shoppers who are looking for one of three options: good, better, or best.

The person who chooses “good” wants a quality product at a good price.

They’re willing to forego bells and whistles to get a lower price. In terms of roofing, this would be a asphalt shingle.

It’s the most popular roof in Hawaii.

Like a base model car, you can get asphalt shingle and add features like aesthetics, longer warranty, etc.

RevoluSun Roofing uses CertainTeed brand asphalt shingle, and they are a five-star certified CertainTeed installer, so even if you go with the “good” option, you really can’t go wrong with them.

The “better” shopper is willing to pay a little ore for features that are important to them, such as a particular look, an environmentally friendly roof or a longer warranty.

Wood shake and standing seam metal roofs would fall into this category.

Wood shake compliments the character of historic homes with notable architect.

Standing seam is a popular choice for newer, modern looking homes.

While all shoppers are looking for good value, “best” shoppers are more concerned with features than price.

Some love the look of ceramic glazed tile, want a particular detailing to match their architecture, while others just want an ultra-long lasting, maintenance free ownership.

In the near future, this category of roof would also include solar roofs, where the panels are the roof.

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