Energy Innovation – Breaking PV News


In today’s Energy Innovation segment, Dave Gorman, President and GM of Revolusun Smart Home Breaks the News.  

NEM customers can now add a CSS system onto their existing net metered system without compromising their net metering agreement.

Until now, NEM customers were not able to add to their systems.

Now they can add a battery, or a PV + battery system to meet their current needs for electricity which may have increased since they originally applied for their systems.  

The new system would not be able to export energy to the grid and would include batteries to store energy for night time use.  

Adding a Tesla Powerwall (or two) would also allow both systems to function in a grid outage (right now a net metered system cannot).

That means if there is an extended outage, PV + battery system could power your home indefinitely — powering the home and filling up the battery during the day and batteries providing electricity to your home at night. 


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