Energy Innovation: Benefits to leasing a PV system


If you’ve been thinking about installing solar for your home, but have not taken the plunge yet, now is the time to do so.

Tax credits can still cover up to 65% of the cost and these days you can get PV with batteries for the same price a PV-only system costed just a couple years ago.

Not only are you getting more value for your money now, the battery provides emergency back-up in a grid outage which is very helpful during hurricane season.

For people who want to save money, not worry about tax credits or owning a system, a great option is leasing.

David Gorman, President and GM of RevoluSun SmartHome, believes leasing a PV system is the easiest way to save with solar.

“[Leasing] is where Revolusun owns the system, takes the tax credits and charges you a fixed monthly rate that’s 20-30% less than what you’re paying the utility right now, ” explained Gorman.

“We can install it in January and you can start saving right away.”

Leases are also perfect for people who can’t use the tax credit or don’t have the means to purchase a system, but would like to save 20 – 30% off what they currently pay to HECO.

To learn more about Revolusun’s leasing program call them at (808) 748-8888 or visit their website

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