Honolulu (KHON2) –  Elly Rose at Town Center of Mililani is a one stop shop for local jewelry, apparel, and more.

“Elly Rose is a jewelry and apparel shop,” says Owner Chelsielyn Ferido. “We have jewelry featuring minimalist designs, hand-picked stones and diamonds, and quality skin-sensitive materials. We also offer women’s apparel and accessories.”

Designing and making jewelry has been a long time passion and has created a strong community of women. “Since opening the store we have had a great start. It’s a whole new experience from being an online community to an in-store community, says Ferido. “But I could not be more appreciative of everyone’s support. It’s a great feeling to meet new faces, talk story with customers, and get to know my home town on a different level.”

 Elly Rose offers many unique items that would make good holiday gifts including several new local brands, including new brands Liana Lola and Oceans End. New jewelry is featured every week. 

Ferido adds, ““I try my best to do that through the designs of my jewelry, in the culture of our community, and the humbling experience of serving my customers, whether online or in-store at Town Center of Mililani.

Website:           ellyrosejewelry.com     

Social Media Handles:               @ellyrosejewelry