Ekahi Health makes eating better easy


“Watch what you eat, exercise regularly, lose a few pounds”.

These are things lots of us hear whenever we visit our physicians.

But exactly why should we have to watch what we eat?

Eating better is one of the lifestyle improvements that Ekahi Health focuses on because they know that we are literally what we eat. 

Eating healthier – incorporating more of a whole-food plant-based diet helps people avoid or even to reverse the effects of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

A whole-food plant-based diet, especially when combined with exercise, stress management, and a healthy support network of close friends and family, gives us a greater chance for a good health as we age.

Participants in both the Ekahi Ornish program – which helps reverse the effects of cardiovascular disease and the Ekahi Wellness program – which focuses on helping people to better manage diabetes, have access to our registered dietitians.

The RDs help people understand what they can do to ‘watch what you eat’.

They help participants understand what whole foods are, healthy plant-based options, and what processed, fatty foods do to our bodies and long-term health. 

They teach practical life lessons like, how to read labels, navigate grocery stores, and choose healthier options when out at a potluck or eating at a restaurant.

They’ve partnered with local restaurants like Leahi Health, where they can show participants that it is easy to make healthy choices.

For more information please go to https://www.ekahiornish.com.

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