Honolulu (KHON2) – The 2022 Spam Jam Festival returns with 28 different restaurants offering specialty items in honor of one of Hawaii’s most popular events. 

As a way of supporting the local restaurants in Hawaii, the team at the 2022 Spam Jam Festival is partnering up with 28 local food and beverage businesses.

“This year, it’s not the typical lock party format residents are familiar with this year will be different, but logistically much easier by having participating restaurants offer creative spam dishes,” says Toby Tamaye, Waikiki Spam Jam spokesperson.

One of those 28 restaurants participating in the 2022 Spam Jam Festival is local business Eggs ‘n Things

“We have our Spam Fries, which we offered 5-6 years ago for a previous Spam Jam Festival. These were such a hit, we added them to the menu and kept them on all the way until the pandemic changed our menu offerings. The second dish is just a fun new twist on one of our menu staples – our Spam and Eggs. We have a pineapple plantation pork chop and we’re using the same pineapple and adding a little bit of brown sugar, butter sauce and reducing that with some fresh diced pineapples, and pouring it over the 4 slices of Spam. It’s very similar how you might do a pineapple ham.”

Those looking to learn about the other local restaurants participating in this year’s 2022 Spam Jam Festival can log onto the festival’s official website. 

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