With Easter on Sunday, many families are decorating and getting ready for the Easter Bunny.

Kamaaina Kids has some great ideas for homemade decorations.

Event marketing specialist Tate Kaiama joins the show with her niece and nephew to show Living808 viewers easy ways to make crafts for Easter.

From bunny ears to peek-a-boo clothespins, she even has a special surprise for both the kids and John Veneri.

For Easter bunny ears: Fit a strip of paper around your head for the base. Secure with a stapler or tape. Cut out and decorate your bunny ears with crayons, markers, paint, even glitter. Be creative! Attach your decorated ears to the base.

For peek-a-boo clothespin eggs: Cut an egg shape out of paper, then cut the egg into two pieces using a zig-zag motion, so it resembles a crack. Glue each piece to one side of your clothespin, so the egg appears whole when the clothespin is closed. Cut out and decorate your chick (it should be smaller than the egg). Glue the chick to the other side of the clothespin. The chick should appear when the clothespin is opened.

Look through Kamaaina Kids’ Pinterest boards for more craft ideas for keiki of all ages.

Website: http://www.kamaainakids.com