DVAC Poinsettias For Peace


Domestic Violence Action Center relies on support from business allies and friends. Alluvion Inc is one such partner who has helped make “Poinsettias for Peace” a successful and important initiative for DVAC each year. 

Alluvion happens to be a nursery. Their way of supporting the important, life-saving work is to partner with DVAC in their annual holiday plant sales.  Businesses have employees impacted by domestic violence. They can provide training to employees, make corporate contributions, highlight the availability of the agency to help their employees, place information in workplaces to make employees aware that there are programs to help. 

The economics and the logistics this year, poses some serious challenges for DVAC. Will people be purchasing plants? Do they understand that “Poinsettias for Peace” is a fundraising opportunity for DVAC? Many buyers in past years have been businesses. With many people working at home, will that change the demand for plants? They are committed to working with the Domestic Violence Action Center and hope that any challenges can be overcome. 

Poinsettias is Alluvion’s largest crop annually. They see the importance of the work being done by DVAC, and agreed to support them at the outset of this initiative, and have stayed with them every step of the way, going on 10 years now.

For more information or if you’d like to help, visit www.domesticviolenceactioncenter.org/poinsettiasforpeace

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