Commercial use for drones in Hawaii for construction, inspections, and green energy have taken off and Drone Services of Hawaii is on the front line of the work being done for businesses. Mike Elliot joined John Veneri on Living808 to discuss exactly what they do.

“We’ve been in business since 2014. We’ve done a lot of mapping work. We do a lot of solar work for a lot of the solar fields that are out here. To make sure that they’re up and operating properly. Then a lot of building inspections. We’ve done a variety of beach erosion and roadway projects and stuff that we have here in Hawaii on the different islands.  Engineering and construction firms out there, we’re able to work with you to provide, you know, highly accurate maps. We can come back on recurrent basis on construction projects. We’ve done volumetric jobs for quarries and over at the East White Coal fired power plant on their annual volumetric surveys, we’ve done building inspections for facades, looking for cracks and damages on a lot of these high rise buildings.  So it saves time in the scaffolding that maybe would traditionally be necessary. And we’re able to provide these products easily, a lot safer, a lot faster and with greater accuracy than a lot of traditional methods that are currently used.”

Drone Services uses and sells flying machines for all types of uses from very small for the average hobbyist, to the large machines used for construction and mapping.  If you’d like to know more about what they do or how that can help your business, visit them online at