Turning air into drinking water, that is what the atmospheric water generators at Waiea Water Solutions are doing. No plumbing is required, and no more lugging around big plastic jugs! The innovative solution filters the air, cools it to form water particles, and is purified and put through a mineralization filter. We learned all of the details with Joshua Walter, Chief Technical Officer, and Anton Smith, Chief Operating Officer, from Waiea Water Solutions.

Anton elaborated on what exactly an Atmospheric Water Generator is, and how easy they are to use. “An AWG, as we call them, makes water from the air. It pulls the humidity out of the air with a HEPA grade air filter then forms water by slightly cooling down the air to form water. This water is then filtered with two types of carbon filters and a reverse osmosis like membrane filter to purify it. Last the water passes through a mineralization filter to put only the minerals your body needs. Our machines then provide cold drinking water and some hot water as well. No plumbing or water source is needed. You just plug in and start producing water. The machines are easy to incorporate in any space because they do not need plumbing or a water source, just electricity. Our household and corporate models use a regular outlet. The industrial machines can operate off of a variety of power sources. Solar power is also an option.”

There are many benefits to having an AWG:

  • Saves money as its cheaper than buying any other bottled water
  • Eco-friendly : Eliminates the need for single-use plastic keeping our oceans clean
  • Cleans the air in the room – breathe cleaner air especially during a pandemic
  • Reduces humidity – prevent mold build up in rooms, reduce musty smell, keep a moderate temperature in the room and reduce need for AC
  • Generates the healthiest, purest tasting water – AWG water is nutrient rich with Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium
  • Speeds up the release of zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium and other trace elements that our bodies need.

For more information, visit www.waieawater.com