Honolulu (KHON2) – Get2Insurance is making accessing medical information for Hawaii residents easier.

During the Covid pandemic, provided easy access to health care insurance information for Hawaii residents, which include a digital health wallet, called “My Medical Buddy.”

“This app makes accessing healthcare services easier and faster. Healthcare providers count on you and you alone to show the right card. 

If you or a loved one needs medical attention in an emergency or just normal check ups  you can quickly find health cards, doctors names and medications. If you change plans voluntarily or need to find new health insurance you can add your current cards to the App. If you are traveling and should lose your belongings you can retrieve critical health information from your smart phone,” says Martha Khlopin, Managing Director of Get2Insurance.com

According to Khlopin, The “My Medical Buddy” is simple to use, users can scan an insurance card or take a picture of a prescription drug and enter it to your organizer

“There is a section for your doctors names too! You can type them in add and delete as they change,” says Elliot Khlopin, Managing Agent of Get2Insurance.com

The “My Medical Buddy” App is available on the Apple App store. Search mymedicalbuddy.com 

To learn more about Get2Insurance and the “My Medical Buddy” App can call 800-226-3660 by October 15th to take advantage of a limited time offer.