Dogwalker Etc. Tips on Picking a Pet


Deciding on a pet for your family, but don’t know where to start?

Dogwalker Etc. Owner Erin Gerwig talked about “Choosing the Right Pet to Fit your Lifestyle” on Living808.

Important questions to ask include how much do you work, how much do you travel, what are your hobbies (active or prefer reading?), allergies, and budget?

Erin recommends looking for pets by talking to awesome rescues and rehoming groups. 

Searching Facebook for those groups is a great place to begin. Y

ou can also walk into our local OSPCA out on the west side or the HHS here in town off South King Street. 

If you’re unsure, you can always foster a dog/cat. 

Make sure they fit your lifestyle before adoption.

It’s a win win for the pet and the family! 

Erin also stresses that some pets that are not allowed into Hawaii due to state laws:

no snakes
no reptiles like komodo dragons
no ferets
no hermit crabs (popular pets for kids on the mainland)
no gerbils/hamsters

You can read up on more of these tips on the company’s Facebook and Instagram sites.

Instagram: dogwalkerhawaii



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