Dogwalker Etc. Decodes Pet Body Language & Offers Tips


We get a lesson on decoding dogs’ body language from Dogwalker Etc. Owner Erin Gerwig.

All animals have their own language. 

Being able to decipher what dogs are saying to us can really help us to understand them and what they need to be happy.

Some of the “signs” are:

–    Tail wagging (happy versus aggression)
–    Barking
–    Teeth Baring
–    Eye Freeze

Dogwalker Etc. is a pro at recognizing these signs because they meet new dogs and pets everyday. 

Their personalities differ greatly and knowing how they’re feeling from the start sets the tone.

Calming Signals that can be used to ease fear and create a bond. 

Humans can mimic these and reciprocate to calm dogs. 

Top signals are:

–    Lip Licking
–    head turning
–    shake off
–    yawning
–    sneezing

These signals can be used when you have company over, out on walks, and during times of socializing such as dog parks.

You can read up on more of these tips on the company’s Facebook and Instagram sites.

Instagram: dogwalkerhawai



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