April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and today we are learning tips to make sure we are being safe on our roads. Jai Cunningham, Hawaii Department of Transportation Public Information Officer joined us with advice.

“If you absolutely need to use your phone, get to a safe location and pull over. If you’re driving at freeway speeds, taking your eyes off the road for even five seconds is like driving the length of a football field blindfolded. If you have someone with you in the car, ask them to be your designated texter. And never post to your socials when driving. I know it’s tempting to blow off steam when you’re stuck in traffic, but getting into a fender bender is going to make that trip longer for everyone.”

Aside from potentially injuring yourself or others, tickets for use of a mobile electronic device while operating a motor vehicle start at $297. If you happen to be driving in a school or construction zone, the penalty could be more than $347.

We need to pay attention to the roadways whenever we are behind the wheel, but Distracted Driving Awareness Month is a good time to be reminded.