The full implementation of the Disposable Food Ware Ordinance starting September 6, 2022. Henry Gabriel, Recycling Branch Chief at the Dept. of Environmental Services, joined us to talk about the changes we’ll be seeing soon. 

Bill 40 was signed into law December 15, 2019, as Ordinance 19-30.  The first phase of the restrictions was to begin January 1, 2021. The administration at the time delayed the effective date through March 2021. When COVID-19 surged, the current administration suspended the restriction to the service beginning June 24, 2021, which tied the suspension to the Mayor’s emergency proclamation.  Subsequently, when phase 2, restrictions to disposable plastic food ware was to begin in January 1, 2022, phase 2 restrictions were suspended through March 5. The exceptions will soon end though, and any commercial enterprise or establishment operating in the City and County of Honolulu is affected by this ordinance (e.g. individual proprietorship, joint venture partnership, corporation, LLC or other legal entity), whether for profit or nonprofit.