Dear Panci: Help Me Keep My Suits Wrinkle Free


In a new edition of “Dear Panci”, Living808’s style guru Crystal Pancipanci shared her celebrity style secrets to keep business suits wrinkle free during trips.

Huy Vo, Director of Public Relations for the Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach asked this question:

Dear Panci,

I travel a lot for work and have to transport suits. What is the best way to keep them wrinkle free and fresh for meetings after traveling?


Huy from Honolulu

WRINKLES ARE INEVITABLE when traveling, But are some packing tips that can MINIMIZE & PREVENT Wrinkling

    1.    Lay suit face down on a flat surface.
    2.    Fold left shoulder back.
    3.    Turn right shoulder inside out, then tuck left shoulder into the right.
    4.    Fold in half lengthwise and then fold horizontally.
    5.    Place folded jacket in center of outstretched trousers.
    6.    Fold trouser bottoms over jacket and repeat with top of trousers.


1.    -CHOOSE FABRICS WISELY: Different fabrics are more prone to wrinkling than others—for instance, wool relaxes naturally, and a lot of the wrinkles fall out after hanging in the closet overnight, whereas linen creases if you so much as consider packing it.
2.    -SOLID COLOR : Solid, dark fabrics will appear less wrinkled than lighter ones.
3.    – NO TO GARMENT BAGS: Don’t bother with a garment bag or suit carrier—they’re the worst for air travel. 
4.    -PICK THE RIGHT SUIT CASE- Use, use a hard-sided suitcase and learn how to fold your suit to MINIMIZE the major wrinkles, then how to take care of it afterwards. 
5.    -HANG UP AND LET IT BREATHE : Most importantly: once you’ve reached your destination, hang your suit up right away to let it breathe. 
6.    -STEAMER: Pack A Travel Steamer
7.    -SPRAY: Wrinkle Release Spray
8.    -DRYER SHEETS: To keep added freshness to your clothes add with a dryer sheets in between your clothes when packing .

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