Dada Salon hair specialists gets to the root of the problem


Dada Salon is different from other shops in that they take a big picture approach to hair health and styling.

Their client consultations are a rigorously focused on hair health and the goal is to pinpoint the main hair concerns.  

They believe a beautiful head of hair begins with good scalp and hair health.

“Everyone’s hair and scalp is unique”, says owner Richie Miao, “and it is essential to remember that the health of your scalp is important to the overall health of your hair.  If left untreated, scalp issues can eventually lead to hair loss.”  

Because aestheticians and stylists can’t see the root of the problem with your naked eye.

New technology, like the Kerastase diagnostic camera is used to look at hair and the scalp up close.

The camera feeds a mobile device screen so the client can also watch.  

Based on what they see, they are able to prescribe a customized take home hair care routine to target concerns.  

If needed, they can also recommend an in-salon treatment.

“We can track your progress, complete with photos so you can physically see your scalp and hair transforming.  We will recommend a few products to help improve your scalp and hair condition, and within your next visits we can expand your profile so we can see the difference.”

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