Core Wellness Healing


Discover how to approach life challenges through self care with individual reflection, inward exploration and self discovery on the journey to health.

Core Wellness Hawaii uses the practices of nutrition, movement, mindfulness, meditation, massage and yoga which are used at fun an engaging retreats.  

C.O.R.E. is an acronym for center of restorative energy.  

For Dr. Kimberly R. Kelley , the founder it came down to finding ways to feel better and giving herself permission to be human and connect with my inner self.  

“The classroom was mother nature, the best teacher of all.  I didn’t want to do power point presentations, give prescriptions or how-to-discussions on improving strength, vitality or resilency.  So we created our unique evidence based programs so you can experience it for yourself.  My epiphany was that I could take prescription meds to feel better, or let the surgeon cut out my disease or do the hard meaningful work of digging deep in the soil of my soul to figure the true source of discomfort.  So that is what I did, and Core Wellness is a result of that journey.  We empower personal wholeness and wellness through the core connection of the mind, body and spirit.  We combine eastern and western philosophy so that you can benefit.  Out tag line is be well within.  We help you be the best you.  We want to be the premier destination for those wanting to improve wellness and increase happiness in life. We provide workshops, retreats and speaking engagement.  We are the premier group in Hawaii to actively combine both philosophies in an engaging interactive, experiential approach in nature.  We like to have fun.  We combine Eastern philosophy with Western medicine, and you win and have the advantage of both doctrines.  It’s not at the exclusion of the other.  Both have their place.  We have a doctor of Chinese medicine Brook Foreman, Myself representing western medicine and Kim Bradford our counselor in marriage and family bridging the two schools of thought. ”

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