Computational Thinkers teaches keiki to think systematically


Computational Thinkers provides education services in the field of Computer Science and related studies.

While coding and STEM have been a buzzwords in education for a few years now, Computational Thinkers stands out from a traditional coding programs, because of the way they approach computing education.

“We would love if all our students work their way through our curriculum and pick up one or more programing language, especially before entering high school”, says  Samantha Kimsey, Founder of Computational Thinkers, “but that’s not our mission.”

The school believes that coding, or computer science, is an avenue to apply computational thinking towards.

Having knowledge of how to solve problems in systematic ways through computational thinking is a valuable ability that has broad applications and developmental value.

They visited Living808 to talk about their upcoming “Disrupt Summer” program where in which attendees (local students) will be taken on a to Silicon Valley to learn about innovation and how to effect sustainable, community oriented change in local economy with lessons learned from trip.


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