Waimea Valley as an Outdoor Classroom on Hawaiian Culture & History


Honolulu (KHON2)- Immerse yourself in Hawaiian history and culture in one of Oahu’s most scenic spots, Waimea Valley.

Waimea Valley has over 78 archaeological sites and 6 of those sites are readily accessible to all visitors, including an important cultural site called Kauhale. Kauhale means a cluster of structures that in todays terms would be the equivalent to a homestead. It is an actual Kauhale site believed to have occupied by Ka’opulupulu, the last Oahu line kahuna nui.

Another newer spot is the Game Site. It was created in the late 1970s to early 1980s as a means to share with guests the ancient games that ancestors played. Guests today can still play a number of those games offered back then, like ‘Ulu Maika (Disc Bowling), Moa Pahe’e (Dart Sliding), and Konane (Hawaiian Checkers). If there is no staff present, a’ole pilikia, it is a self-serving area, complete with game pieces and instruction posters! It is a place perfect for families to have some friendly competition!

Waimea Valley boasts 8 different educational programs that are all ‘āina based, meaning where cultural and place-based learning occur.  The programs are aligned with our state’s DOE standards which makes it easier for educators who want to bring their haumana to Waimea Valley for an outdoor classroom experience.

For guests coming to Waimea Valley, it is the ultimate “outdoor classroom.“ There’s so much to learn and so much you can teach your own children about the Valley! Stop by the Ticket Booth on the way in and ask for worksheets that you can take along with you to guide you in learning about the many wonders that Waimea Valley holds.

Waimea Valley would like to offer education programs to small groups (not to exceed the state allowable amount) who wish to visit and participate in person. There is a small fee as with other field trip sites. It may be teachers/students or parents/children who are currently at home assisting their children with school work. Please inquire online. Just click on the Cultural tab and click on Educational Programs. There is information on different programs as well as a Waimea Valley Cultural Education Programs form to book a field trip. Or you can call the main line at 638-7766.
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