The Nature Conservancy Hawaii and Palmyra Chapter is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this year. The work encompasses native forest watershed protection, climate change adaptation, and coastal and marine conservation with dozens of community groups and partners across our islands. The mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.

Recently the Nature Conservancy commissioned artist Jana Ireijo to create an outdoor vanishing mural which depicts Hawaii’s coral reefs and marine life using color that will wash away over time in the elements, revealing and symbolizing a white, bleached coral reef.  This project is entirely focused on bringing attention to the beauty and vulnerability of Hawaii’s coral reefs and to coral bleaching in particular. 

Hawaiiʻs coral reefs are cultural, environmental, economic, and recreational treasures that:

  • block up to 97% of the wave energy hitting our coastlines
  • provide flood protection to people, property, and jobs valued at more than $836 million
  • support nearshore fisheries that feed our families worth $13 million
  • contribute more than a billion dollars to Hawaii’s economy through reef-related tourism
  • create our world-renown surf breaks, and
  • connect us to our islands’ natural and cultural heritage

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Mural Ethos: Vanishing Murals
Jana Ireijo, Founder and Artists, 
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