Straight Talk: Support For Our Kupuna


In this edition of Straight Talk with Rhesa and Edwina, we discuss the support our Kupuna need without putting them at risk.  Here are a few helpful tips.

•Help to shop or set up a shopping program for them to deliver goods to their homes (Instacart).

•Connect them with community resources to help address their needs (meal services: Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels).

•Do a phone call, FaceTime with them on a regular basis.

•Help them to access hard to find items (i.e. face masks).

•Inform them of changes going on in the community that they may not be aware of (Kupuna shopping hours at Costco, Times).

•Follow-up and check in on their medications (refills that may be needed).

•Help connect them with their doctors via telehealth.  They may not be familiar with using the internet or virtual apps.  

•Teach them to how to use to the internet or electronic devices to connect with others.  

Another major problem is coping with social isolation.  Here are a few tips to help with that topic.

•Calling and connect regularly with friends and family.

•Seeking mental health support if needed.

•Pet companion or emotional support animal.  

•Churches and small groups online.

And finally, self care for elders.  A few tips to keep them both in shape and healthy.

•Exercise:  getting some sun, walking, tai chi.

•Engage in activities that are appropriate:  gardening outside, sudoku puzzles.

•Healthy and simple meals.  

•Listening to music.

For more information visit or call 808-375-7712

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