Pitch in Pollution Problem with You Are the Solution Campaign


Honolulu (KHON2) – The City & County of Honolulu has launched the “You Are The Solution” Campaign to protect Hawaii’s waters from plastic pollution.

With 80 percent of ocean trash coming from our land and two-thirds of the world’s fish affected by plastic pollution, it’s vital now more than ever for Oahu residents to keep streets clean and sweep in front of their homes regularly. 

Through the You Are The Solution campaign, the City is starting with the Waipahu neighborhood with the following three-pronged initiatives:

  *   Put Litter in its Place: Keep loose litter off the street, out of storm drains and the ocean.

  *   Sweep Your Streets: Sweep up trash and leaves along the curb. Unclutter your street gutter to protect our ocean.

  *   Contain the Rain: Install a rain barrel or other green infrastructure. When rain is contained on your property, less will run off, reducing stream and ocean pollution.

Ross Sasamura, Director and Chief Engineer of the City’s Department of Facility Maintenance says, “We’re piloting the program in Waipahu first, and it includes a direct mail piece we just sent to residents that encourages them to “Take the Pledge” to be the solution to pollution in their local community.”

Sasamura says over the past few months, City crews and the public have seen disposable face masks and latex gloves showing up as litter on streets and public spaces. The City responded by adding messaging to include these PPE in the “Put Litter In Its Place” reminder that is one part of our “You are the Solution” campaign.

Website: www.cleanwaterhonolulu.com

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