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A special will be airing on PBS Hawaii Thursday.  PBS Hawai`i’s statewide student news network HIKI NŌ is launching seven brand-new weekly episodes that feature Hawai`i-student reflections on their lives in the COVID-19 era. John Veneri spoke with Robert Pennybacker, the Director of Learning Initiatives at PBS Hawaii, about the program.

“Since our HIKI NO students are sheltering at home, they are not able to physically gather in teams and go out into the public to produce their stories, so we thought the best alternative was for them to record their reflections on life in the COVID-19 era with their smartphone cameras in the safety of their homes.”

Robert also added why he thought sharing the program to state was so important.

“Because the voices of Hawaii’s young people need to be heard.  We are all being impacted by COVID-19, but this generation is being impacted in a very specific way, and the public needs to understand what they are going through.”

Topics for these Student Reflections range from the impact the pandemic has had on student’s families, what they miss most from life before the pandemic, how they are compensating for that loss, to what gives them hope, and virtually any thoughts on how they feel about the “new normal.”

The series culminates in stories produced during the upcoming HIKI NŌ 2020 Spring Challenge, in which students will compete for prizes awarded to the best stories created during a set, four-day production window. The theme of the Challenge is COVID-19.

HIKI NO Student Reflections
Thursday, May 7th, 7:30pm
On PBS Hawaiʻi
And http://pbshawaii.org

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