National Expert’s Tips on Building Safety & Coronavirus


Honolulu (KHON2) – With building safety taking on new meaning due to Coronavirus concerns, Construction Management Inspection Owner & National Building Expert Dr. Lance Luke is sharing some valuable tips.

Dr. Lance Luke, who wrote a chapter about building safety in a best seller with Larry King, discussed current issues on Living808.

“It is not business as usual anymore,”

says Dr. Luke. “Many offices, shops and restaurants are closed or have limited service.  The number one priority is health and safety.  Building owners and managers need to take steps to prevent community spread and promote social distancing.”

Like recommends that everyone be aware of slippery or uneven walking surfaces. And be aware of anything that you touch such as light switches, railing, trash chute handles, doors, commercial washer and dryer buttons, shopping cart handles, ATM machine buttons and gas pump handles. Wash your hands often.

His safety prevention tips for building owners and managers?

Check your parking areas for pot holes and uneven areas, lifted walkways, corroded or loose handrailing, poor lighting, Also inspect and clean the air conditioning system. And inspect plumbing that may be cracked and caused leaking. Inspect all fire escapes for proper signage and clear access.

Dr. Lance Luke is the owner of Construction Management Inspection LLC and has been in business for 40 years. The company specializes in the inspection of all types of buildings and manages construction renovation projects.


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