Micronesia Week Success Story: Beverly Simina


Honolulu (KHON2) – Micronesia week on Living808 is shining a spotlight on the struggles and successes of this unique population, including a Chuukese woman who is becoming a lawyer to serve her community.

Beverly Simina is preparing to take the Bar Exam and credits perseverance and the power of cultural values learned on her home island of Nema, located in outer Chuuk.

She says her Father taught her many things, probably the most important was persistence and the need for education.

Simina came to Hawaii in 2002 to go to the University of Hawaii at Hilo. It was her first time away from her home island. After graduating in 2006, Simina moved to Oahu started to work at Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii.

“While I was there working, I became really familiar with the problems of the Micronesian Community,” explains Simina. “That’s how I decided I wanted to be lawyer, a Chuukese lawyer who could work on behalf of Micronesian people and help them.”

She has also served in the National Guard for 5 years now.

In addition to helping as an attorney, she hopes to inspire others to dream big.

Her top tips:

  *   Determination

  *   Set Clear Realistic Goals

  *   Time Management

  *   Focus & Pursue

  *   Remember you are the captain of your own ship

  *   Stay engaged with community

  *   Never forget who you are, your core values

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