Mana Up Spotlights Ao Organics for Worldwide Showcase


Honolulu (KHON2) – Ao Organics is one of 10 local brands that will be featured on Mana Up’s first-ever televised worldwide broadcast on November 20th on KHON2 featuring 10 entrepreneurs and shopping specials, 10 Haku Collective Artists to Watch, and a concert by Josh Tatofi.

“All my products are chemical free, environmentally friendly and handcrafted in small batches with locally sourced ingredients like honey, coffee beans, Hawaiian clay and spirulina,” says Ao Organics Founder Chelsa Davis.  “As a new mother I became very aware of what was going into and onto our bodies. We are an ocean family and spend most of free time on the beach, so sunscreen is vitally important.”

Davis says she found that the chemicals in sunscreen are harmful to us and the reef, but she couldn’t find anything on the market that was 100 percent organic so she started experimenting at home. “Then I just started researching more and more and creating more and more products,” adds Davis.

“Europe actually bans over a thousand chemicals in skincare products that are sold in the United States. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and the chemicals in these products get absorbed into our bloodstream which can cause hormonal imbalance and even reproductive issues. Secondly, there’s the environmental impact. The chemicals used in sunscreens alter the DNA of coral, making it more susceptible to bleaching and in some cases, causes baby coral to encase itself in its own skeleton and die.”

Ao Organics is one of the graduates of Cohort 5 for Mana Up. “Mana Up is a 6-month accelerator program for Hawaii consumer product companies designed to get help them grow,” explains Mana Up Co-Founder Meli James. ” Our goal is to create local Hawaii businesses with $1 million and more in revenue. The showcase is one of our annual events where our new cohort companies, as well as some of the previous ones, get a chance to share their stories and products to the general public. It’s essentially Cohort 5’s “graduation” ceremony. We usually have thousands of people at T Galleria in Waikiki…obviously, this year we had to adapt. So we’re doing a live broadcast! There will be pitches, live shopping, giveaways, and live music!”

“I’m excited to show the world my skin products,” says Davis. “And show all the women that they can have affordable AND sustainable, effective skincare!”

All of the Mana Up Cohort participants are excited for the first televised Mana Up Showcase, which Living808 Host Tannya Joaquin will co-host with Meli James on KHON2 on November 20th from 3-5pm. James looks forward to showcasing Hawaii to a global audience and for the People’s Choice Awards. All 10 participating cohort members will do a pitch “Shark Tank” style as well as a “QVC” style shopping segment with showcase specials.

To sign up, go to you’ll want to register early to get a chance at the most giveaways. King’s Hawaiian is giving away $5,500 in goodies!

“I’m excited to show the world the REAL Hawai’i…and have such a global audience to present our products to,” shares James. “I’m excited for the pitches! The entrepreneurs have worked so hard to prepare these amazing pitches. Make sure to register at …you’ll want to register early to get a chance at the most giveaways. King’s Hawaiian is giving away $5,500 in goodies!”


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