Hawaii Votes by Mail


There are NO polling places on Election Day anymore. Everything, including your actual voting & submission of your ballot, takes place by mail ONLY. The Primary Election on August 8th is fast approaching so here are some instructions from Chief Elections Officer Scott Nago.

“If you did not receive your ballot, you can check your voter registration via our website http://elections.hawaii.gov and from there you can find your County Elections Division contact information to ask for a replacement. It is important to fill out your ballot correctly!  When you receive your ballot in the mail, it will come with specific instructions. Be sure to read & follow these instructions correctly! Start by selecting your political party preference. Then find the right political preference section and ONLY vote within your political preference. If you vote for candidates outside of your political preference, your vote will NOT count. Also, your ballot lists the total number of candidates you can vote for in each race. Be sure not to vote for more than the listed number allowed – because, again, your ballot will be discarded and not count. When you are done completing your ballot, seal it in the provided envelope and be sure to sign on the back. Envelopes without a signature will not be accepted! Be sure it is the voter’s signature as this will be matched to your signature on file with your voter registration to confirm your identity.”

All this information and answers to questions you may have, is available at http://Elections.Hawaii.Gov

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